Body Language

Getting physically intimate with body language

You'll find here the steps leading from first advances to getting physically intimate so next time you'll know what to look for and how to respond. Remember, with body language, look for clusters of behaviour rather than one isolated move.

When a formal encounter becomes more friendly, gaze drops from the upper business triangle (right eye - left eye - nose and back to right eye) to the lower parts of the face and upper parts of the body. Be alert for this shift which sometimes involves the other person changing his or her body posture including moving back slightly to take in more of your face.

As intimacy increases, so does the amount of eye contact, resulting in those long soulful looks. A refusal to return eye-contact in this erotically charged moment sends a message that you are not certain or are uninterested.

Contact is usually light but lingering. It may also be disguised as accidental touching or socially accepted behaviour like placing hand beneath the elbow to guide him or her through a crowded area.

Once again touching the shoulder area can be hidden within a socially accepted behaviour. Up to this point either side can withdraw from the encounter and pretend it didn't happen. If you are the one who made the advance you do not lose too much pride. But once this line has been crossed there can be no going back without suffering a severe blow to your pride.

The arm encircles waist signals a desire for far greater intimacy. If this is accepted then things move pretty quickly to the next step! Once a kiss is exchanged, kissing chemical information is passed on from one person to the other. Kissing adds another sense to the encounter besides smell - that of taste. Taste is not just about saliva but also about body temperature.

During the more intimate stages of a sexual encounter, the fall in body heat sends a message to our sexual partner who interprets it as lack of interest, dislike, unease or disapproval.

Next, usually women tend to reach for the head before men. Hand caressing head indicates increasing trust between two people because heads are extremely vulnerable - only those we feel close to can touch without us jumping or protesting.

When the hand fondles body, either through clothes or probing under them, some people close their eyes to concentrate more on their senses of temperature and smell. But keeping eyes open and maintaining eye contact is even more powerful. Not only are you you using your visual, touch, sound and taste senses you also are using the smell sense.

During physical intimacy, not only is sense of smell powerful in evoking emotions, it is also becomes more sensitive to the unique signature smell of our sexual partner. Odours act powerfully on the nervous system arriving at the part of the brain responsible for memory and for preparing us for pleasurable experiences.

The best advice when anticipating this stage of physical intimacy is to use any perfume sparingly and to allow natural body odour to work for you by not disguising or covering it with man-made products. The better feel each of you has for the other as a person, the more easily and happily it will happen. Let her become familiar with it.

When the mouth caresses body, sexual intercourse is very likely to take place, under the right circumstances. Then the hand caresses genitals, which at this stage the only remaining part is genital - to - genital contact.

But before you go through all this, you better understand social body language from the tao of badass which you can read more here:

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